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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Terrorist Planning Indicators

I am working on a list of terrorist planning indicators for a book project. I would appreciate any feedback. Please deposit your comments at http://www.criminaljustice-online.com/forum8/299.html

Terrorist Planning Indicators
1. Possession of extremist or radical literature;
2. Interest in law enforcement tactics, yet not in law enforcement;
3. Surveillance of critical infrastructure, or community political, cultural or social infrastructure;
4. Possession or attempts to obtain surveillance or planning materials, i.e., maps, photographs, blueprints, cameras, surveillance equipment;
5. Possession or attempts to obtain materials for improvised explosive devices i.e., chemicals, timers, wires or other components;
6. Possession (or the attempt to obtain fraudulently) identification documents;
7. The rental, or attempt to rent, storage units or a living space for a large group of people;
8. Economical and non-descript lifestyle;
9. The abandonment of typical cultural identifiers such as facial hair or clothing;
10. No interest in learning English;
11. Relationships with suspicious groups;

Note: This checklist is by no-means all-inclusive. It should be viewed as a place from which to start your discussion about terrorist planning
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