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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Iraqi Forces Capture Bomb Maker, Repel Attack

WASHINGTON, Aug. 28, 2006 – Iraqi security forces captured a suspected bomb maker and cell leader yesterday near Mussayib, Iraq, U.S. military officials said. The suspect is believed to have participated in multiple bomb attacks on coalition and Iraqi security forces, including one that killed four U.S. servicemembers May 5. This person is also believed to be a supplier of bombs to illegal armed groups inciting sectarian violence and government instability through kidnapping, murder and armed attacks, officials said.

The raid was conducted by Iraqi
police and occurred without incident. No civilian, Iraqi or coalition forces casualties were reported. One additional individual was detained in the operation, officials said.

Also in Iraq, Iraqi
army and police forces fended off an attack by a large group of terrorists in Diwaniyah after a 12-hour battle today. Coalition forces provided support to the Iraqi security forces by setting up blocking positions at several points on the outskirts of Diwaniyah to prevent additional terrorists from entering the city.

A Polish helicopter providing support to the Iraqi security forces was hit with seven rounds of small-arms fire, but was able to safely land at a nearby coalition base. Casualties are still being assessed.

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