War on Terrorism

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scottish terrorists in water threat

“The Scottish National Liberation Army, a tiny group of extremists dedicated to removing the English from Scotland, have threatened to poison the water supplies of England. The threat came in an email sent to the Glasgow offices of The Sunday Times, which warned that they group planned to poison the public water supplies in England only, and claimed: 'We have the means to do this, and we shall. This is a war and we intend to win it.' The SNLA – which may be no more than only one or two people – includes in its aims the reversal of 'mass English immigration' to Scotland, and the restoration of Scots Gaelic (spoken by just over 1% of the population) as the national language. The water-poisoning warning was accompanied by the publication on the website of the Scottish Seperatist Group – the SNLA's 'political wing' – of instructions for how to carry out the attack, under the heading 'HOW TO MAKE AND USE A HOME-MADE WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION.'”(metro.co.uk, 11Sep06)

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