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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Two U.S. Soldiers, Afghan Civilians Killed in Kabul Suicide Attack

KABUL, Afghanistan , Sept. 8, 2006 – A suicide attack on a coalition convoy in central Kabul today killed two U.S. soldiers and wounded another. U.S. officials in Afghanistan said the blast, near the U.S. Embassy in downtown Kabul, also killed an unconfirmed number of Afghan civilians.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and their fellow teammates," Army Maj. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, commander of Combined Joint Task Force 76, said. "Additionally, we are very sorry for the death of our Afghan allies who were killed by these Taliban extremists who care nothing about human decency or life."

The U.S. soldiers were assigned to a Provincial Reconstruction Team helping to rebuild roads and schools, provide power, and complete hundreds of other projects to improve the lives of the Afghan people.

"These acts of violence only confirm our resolve; we remain vigilant in our efforts to help the people of Afghanistan restore peace and security," Freakley said. "Their sacrifice will not be forgotten."

With today's attack, 125 Afghan civilians and seven U.S. service members have been killed since January at the hands of the Taliban extremists in suicide bombings, officials said.

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