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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Three Terrorists Captured; 26 Detainees Released

Dec. 7, 2006 – Three terrorists were captured in Afghanistan yesterday, and 26 detainees were released from a Bagram facility. Earlier this week, U.S. troops provided humanitarian assistance in eastern Afghanistan. During an operation near the village of Qasemaul Kalay, in Khowst province, Afghan and coalition forces captured three terrorists who posed a serious threat to peace and stability in Afghanistan, military officials said. No Afghan or coalition forces or Afghan civilians within the compound were harmed during the operation.

Elsewhere in Afghanistan yesterday, 26 detainees were released from the Bagram Theater Internment Facility. Officials determined the detainees no longer posed a threat to the government of Afghanistan and were turned over to Afghan government officials.

The detainees were transferred into the "Takhim-E Solh" program, also known as "Peace through Strength." Under the Takhim-E Solh program, individuals pledge their allegiance to the Afghan government and promise not to take up arms against their nation.

While in the detention facility, all detainees received three meals a day, worship opportunities and comprehensive medical care, officials said. Coalition forces routinely evaluate each detainee's status and, in coordination with the Afghan government, release selected detainees.

A day earlier, troops from the U.S. provincial reconstruction team at Mehtar Lam responded to three separate requests for humanitarian assistance in Laghman province, in eastern Afghanistan.

They distributed tarps, blankets, rice, beans, cooking oil, salt and tea.

The region's director of tribal affairs, Mr. Naquibullah, requested the humanitarian aid for poor and disabled people in Laghman province,
Army Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, a spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force 76, said.

"These provincial- and district-level leaders are responsive, representative and capable," Fitzpatrick said. "They understand their responsibilities as leaders and are diligent in their efforts to bring much-needed comfort through coordination and cooperation with the international community."

The aid mission was coordinated among Tapakal village elders and provincial council members, Mullah Abdul Ahed Ferajighani and Haji Abdul Jamil Afzalzada of Mehtar Lam village, and the U.S. civil affairs team at the Mehtar Lam PRT.

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