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Thursday, May 24, 2007

National Institute for Justice 2007 Conference

Editor's Note: Many of the justice technology initiatives shared by the NIJ are applicable to the war on terror.

The NIJ Conference blends research, practice, and policy to share new ideas about what works in criminal justice. The Conference is free, but space is limited. Register as soon as possible.

Some topics this year include:

Forensic sciences: The conference features numerous panels on forensics. In one, highly respected panelists will discuss how scientific advances have affected the way detectives solve cases, labs handle the evidence, prosecutors present the case, and judges oversee the proceedings. Speakers include Mitch Morrissey, the District Attorney in Denver; William Berger, the police chief in Palm Bay, Florida; and Ann Talbot, the specialist for the forensic science improvement grant program in New Mexico.

Less-lethal tools: Where will we be in five years? Which
technology is emerging as the best option? What policies are departments putting in place? What are the political liabilities of using less lethal equipment? Representatives from Raytheon, the Air Force Research Lab, police departments, and academia will be among the panelists.

Firearms: Members of the National Academies of Science committee on ballistics will describe up-and-coming techniques and challenges.

Other topics: Officer safety, violence against women, juvenile delinquency, gangs, and evidence-based practices in corrections.
View the agenda and speaker information.

NIJ is hiring:
Manager of the Information and Sensor Technologies DivisionSupervises 15 staff who manage criminal justice related technology research, development, test, and evaluation projects in the area of electronic crime, sensors and surveillance, public safety communications, information technology, and biometrics. Applications will be accepted until June 8.

Manager of the Forensic Sciences DivisionSupervises 17 staff who manage forensic technology research, development, test, and evaluation projects as well as the President's DNA Initiative and Coverdell grant programs. Applications will be accepted until June 19.

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