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Saturday, June 23, 2007


The International Tactical Officers Training Association (ITOTA) is “an international law enforcement organization designed to offer high-quality professional training and information sharing. The ITOTA recognizes the need to expand and share tactical knowledge by focusing on the wealth of experience that exists in the global tactical community. The ITOTA will be hosting a tactical snipers course at Camp Atterbury which is an Army training post located next to Edinburg, Indiana. This course of instruction is for snipers working in rural and urban environments. The course is open to law enforcement, military, corrections and government contractors.

Course description
Date: September 24-28, 2007
Location: Camp Atterbury, Indiana
Tuition: $495.00 (non ITOTA member)
Member price: $395.00

The lead instructor for this course is a recently retired, British Army, Master Sniper with over 22 years of real world experience. Prior to discharging from the
military he served as the Sergeant Major charged with oversight and training the recon/sniper platoons at the Battalion level.

The Sgt. Major has a vast amount of experience that was gained through out the world in places such as; Ukraine, USA, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Bosnia, Kosovo, Malaysia, Germany, Falklands, Afghanistan, East and South Africa.

Instruction will be given on the following:
Weapon and bullet vs. the environments.
Urban and rural alternative position firing.
Emergency response hides and shooting positions.
Emergency tripod.
Glass and vehicle shooting.
Observation techniques such as: field sketching, color coding and various surveillance techniques.
How to acquire several "guns on to target" with speed and accuracy.
Coordinated shoots from a containment situation; from the firing line or from the control room.
Stealth movement and techniques.
Camouflage techniques.
Shooting from Rural and Urban hides.

Live and non-live fire
training scenarios will be conducted.

For more information on the course or to register CALL: 812.878.SWAT or email us at

Additional Information:

Course topics and content:
What is a sniper.
Sniper mind set.
Sniper roles and equipment.
Urban camouflage.
Rural camouflage.
Judging distance.
Urban/rural hides.
Insertion techniques.
Internal/external/terminal ballistics.
Theory of shooting and sighting techniques.
Alternative firing positions rural and urban.
Emergency tripod.
Observation techniques.
Field sketching.
Coordinated shooting.
Color codes and containment positions.
Shot placement.
Long distance shooting techniques.

Gear/equipment list
Rifle with scope or patrol rifle* 1000 rounds of duty ammo
Spotting Scope
Water re-hydration system
Small daysack/backpack
Water proof clothing
Camouflage clothing urban/rural
Rain gear
Head cover/ hat
Small folding knife

*(Must be pre-zeroed to 100 yards.)

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