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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A view from Iraq leads additions

Editor's Note: A View from Iraq is book about a retired police officer's work as a law enforcement consultant in post-invasion Iraq.

Police-Writers.com is a website that lists state and local police officers who have written books. The website leads off these three additions with Elmer L. Snow’s A View from Iraq. Police Officers also added were Dr. Gary Cordner and Jack Eden.

Elmer L. Snow, III is a retired Sergeant from the Prince George’s County Police Department (Maryland). During his career in law enforcement he was a recipient of the Police Officer of the Year Award, Chief’s Award for Valor, Police Officer of the Month Award, and 42 letters of Commendation for Outstanding Performance of Duty.

Following his retirement,
Elmer Snow was employed for five years by the DuPont Company in Wilmington, Delaware where he provided personal protection for the Chairman of the Board, the DuPont Board of Directors, and Key Management. During this time he became involved in terrorism, counter terrorism programs, and counter terrorist driving techniques.

In 2003 he was contacted by Halliburton Corporation to provide personal protection services during the reconstruction of Iraq. As a Security Coordinator with KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary, Snow worked in numerous high risk positions throughout Iraq, including Mosul, Baghdad, Tikrit, Balad, and culminating at Camp Anaconda. Upon his return to the United States,
Elmer Snow wrote A View from Iraq.

According to the book description, A View from Iraq “is a must read for soldiers who have served, curious citizens, families of those who served or are in Iraq, as well as security practitioners who are constantly searching for
tactics that are used by terrorists and insurgents. The book details various individual acts of courage and bravery that were demonstrated by members of our armed forces, methods of identifying problems that occur, and ways of reducing the level of threat to an acceptable level.” Elmer Snow is also the author of two fiction books Overkill- A Detective’s Story and Revenge Served Cold.

More Information on a View from Iraq. www.police-writers.com/elmer_snow.html.

After beginning his career in law enforcement as an officer with the Ocean City Police Department (Maryland), Dr. Gary Cordner obtained a Ph.D. in social science from Michigan State University. He taught at Washington State University and the University of Baltimore before returning to law enforcement as chief of police of St. Michaels Police Department (Maryland) in 1984. He remained as the chief of police until 1987 when he joined the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University. In 1997, Gary Cordner was named the Dean of Eastern Kentucky University’s College of Law Enforcement.

The president of the Academy of
Criminal Justice Sciences, Cordner also has served as co-editor or co-author of seven policing textbooks and is the editor of Police Quarterly and a Senior Research Fellow with the Police Executive Research Forum. Among his books are: Managing Police Organizations (1995); Managing Police Personnel (1996); Policing Perspectives: An Anthology (1998); Police Operations: Analysis and Evaluations (1996); Police Administration (2003); and, Police and Society (2004)

According to the book description of Police and Society, “To adequately explain the complex nature of police operations in a democracy, the authors have integrated the most important theoretical foundations, research findings, and contemporary practices in a comprehensible, yet analytical, manner. Contemporary issues and future prospects of policing are fully addressed. The text features an emphasis on the relationship between the police and the community--as well as how this relationship has evolved over time. The impact of this evolution on current police practices, especially with respect to community policing and policing in the post-9/11 era, is explored.”

Jack Eden was born in Oklahoma. He received his masters degree from Emporia State University. After teaching high school for twenty-three years in Garnett, Kansas, he was Director of Community Revival Center Christian Academy. He served in law enforcement for thirteen years with five years as the Chief of Police of the Garnett Police Department (Kansas). Jack Eden is the author of Violence its Causes and Cure.

According to the book description of Jack Eden’s Violence its Causes and Cures, “Over the years while teaching in public schools and serving in law enforcement, the author takes note of an increase in violence. Violence that was increasing not only in incident but in magnitude. After hearing a number of solutions to the violence, all much too simplistic, the author tries to first list many of the reasons for violence in our world today. Then secondly the author lists the only sure cure for violence.

Police-Writers.com now hosts 611
police officers (representing 264 police departments) and their 1283 books in six categories, there are also listings of United States federal law enforcement employees turned authors, international police officers who have written books and civilian police personnel who have written books.

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