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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Coalition Troops Kill Terrorist, Detain 14 in Iraq

American Forces Press Service

Nov. 13, 2007 - Coalition forces killed one insurgent and detained 14 others today during a series of operations across central and northern Iraq,
military officials said.

-- Coalition forces killed one al Qaeda-linked insurgent during an operation in Mosul. He was linked to the planning of attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces, including several suicide-car-bombing attacks. Another individual was detained for questioning. A deceased Iraqi woman and an injured child were found inside a nearby building. The child later died after being taken to a medical facility for treatment.

-- Southeast of Baghdad, coalition forces captured four suspects while targeting associates of a
terrorist network operating in Arab Jabour. Reports indicate the targeted individuals were involved in planning and directing terrorist operations in the area.

-- South of Beiji, coalition forces detained nine suspects during operations targeting an alleged
terrorist weapons facilitator.

"Al Qaeda continues to conduct terrorist activities that place innocent civilians, including women and children, at risk," said
Army Maj. Winfield Danielson, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman. "Their terrorist activities and frequent murdering of Iraqi citizens are being rejected throughout Iraq. Iraqi and coalition forces will find these criminals wherever they hide and bring them to justice."

In other news, coalition forces killed six terrorists and detained 15 suspects during operations conducted yesterday and Nov. 11 in central Iraq.

-- During an operation southwest of Baqouba on Nov. 11, Coalition forces targeted the alleged media emir of Diyala province. Coalition forces observed four armed men in the target area and fired warning shots in an attempt to get the men to drop their weapons. When the suspects failed to comply, the ground force engaged the armed men. A vehicle associated with the men caught on fire from the engagement, and coalition forces observed secondary explosions, indicating bomb-making materials were likely inside. As the ground force secured the area, they assessed four
terrorists were killed from the explosions during the operation.

-- Coalition forces conducted a separate operation targeting a suspected terrorist associated with the four terrorists killed southwest of Baqouba. As the ground force approached the target building, they called for the building's occupants to come out. One man came out of the building, but ignored the troops' instructions. He continued to move toward them and ignored warning shots. Perceiving hostile intent, coalition forces engaged and killed the
terrorist. As the ground force secured the area, they found two large weapons caches of rockets, mortars and improvised explosive devices, which the ground force safely destroyed to prevent further use by terrorists. The ground force detained two suspects on site.

-- Coalition forces captured a wanted individual west of Baqouba during operations targeting an associate of al Qaeda in Iraq
leaders, including the suspected Diyala media emir and an associate. Coalition forces secured the target building and found a media cache believed to be used for al Qaeda in Iraq propaganda. The wanted individual was subsequently detained.

-- In an operation east of Samarra, coalition forces targeted an al Qaeda media headquarters and safe house, also believed to be used by foreign
terrorists. As coalition forces secured the target building and entered a room, a man reached for a suicide vest. Coalition forces engaged and killed the terrorist before the vest detonated. The ground force detained seven suspects on site.

-- Coalition forces captured a wanted individual during operations in southern Tikrit targeting foreign terrorist facilitators and associates of al Qaeda in Iraq leaders. The wanted individual was believed to be an associate helping with the movement of senior terrorist leaders in the Haditha region. Coalition forces detained four suspects in addition to the wanted individual.

"Many operations lead us to other targets," Danielson said. "These operations with the help of Iraqi citizens and security forces get us closer to a peaceful Iraq."

In Nov. 11 operations, Iraqi security forces captured three suspected
terrorists during Baghdad-area operations.

Also on Nov. 11, Iraqi
police and coalition forces found a weapons cache inside the grounds of the Imam Al Madhi Husseniyah Mosque in eastern Baghdad. Confiscated items included three hand grenades, a 5-pound bottle of explosives, a rocket-propelled-grenade tube, five rocket-propelled-grenade propellants, 11 rocket-propelled grenades, six AK-47 rifles, 10 flak vests, 15 body-armor plates, 10 uniforms, a propane tank with propellant, and two sets of police lights.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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