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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Coalition Forces Kill Two Suspected Terrorists, Detain Dozens

American Forces Press Service

March 19, 2008 - Coalition forces killed two suspected
terrorists and detained dozens of others in recent days during operations to disrupt al Qaeda networks in central and northern Iraq, military officials reported.
In today's operations:

-- In Baghdad, coalition forces captured an alleged al Qaeda operative believed to be part of the network distributing homemade explosives and related products throughout the country. The ground forces detained two additional suspects at the scene.

-- An alleged weapons facilitator and an associate were captured north of Samarra. The targeted individual allegedly has been stockpiling weapons for the last month.

-- Coalition forces targeted alleged associates of al Qaeda in Iraq senior
leaders in Taji and Baqouba, capturing two wanted individuals and detaining six suspected terrorists. In Baqouba, they discovered a building containing homemade explosives, wires, markings and other indications it was being booby-trapped. The ground forces destroyed the building to prevent future use for terrorist activity.

In other recent operations:

-- In Mosul, coalition forces detained four individuals with suspected ties to
terrorist leaders in the area in operations yesterday and today.

-- Coalition forces were approaching a targeted al Qaeda in Iraq propaganda network southwest of Samarra yesterday when several occupants refused to follow instructions to come out. Coalition troops perceived hostile intent from the resistors and engaged them, killing two and wounding two others, who were detained, officials said. In addition to the wounded, coalition troops detained 11 other suspected
terrorists and seized hidden weapons and media materials at the scene.

-- In Baghdad, coalition forces captured a wanted suspect believed to be part of a homemade explosives facilitation ring and to have
terrorist connections in the region. The ground forces also captured two additional suspected terrorists.

-- Coalition forces continued to target terrorist
leaders in the Mosul area, capturing an alleged al Qaeda in Iraq leader for the network operating in eastern Mosul and another suspect.

-- A coalition operation in northwestern Iraq netted three suspected
terrorists, including one who allegedly helps to move foreign terrorist fighters into Iraq. Further east, coalition forces targeted a suspected al Qaeda in Iraq operative in the Hamrin Mountains region and detained two suspected terrorists.

-- On March 17, coalition troops apprehended 17 suspected terrorists while targeting al Qaeda in Iraq
leaders during operations in the Tigris River Valley.

-- An Iraqi citizen on March 17 led soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division's 4th Brigade Combat Team to two weapons caches in the Shaka 3 region. The caches included nearly 100 mortar rounds, more than a dozen mortar fuses, a rocket launcher and four chlorine tanks. An explosive ordnance disposal team from Forward Operating Base Kalsu destroyed the weapons.

-- On March 16, Iraqi soldiers discovered a weapons cache of explosives east of Balad. The cache included ammonium nitrate, more than a dozen mortar shells, several pounds of homemade explosives, several weapons and materials for making improvised explosive devices.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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