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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Coalition Forces in Iraq Kill Nine Enemy Fighters, Detain 13 Suspects

American Forces Press Service

May 8, 2008 - Coalition forces in Iraq today killed nine enemy fighters and detained 13 suspects during a series of operations across the country that targeted al-Qaida and its foreign-
terrorist network, military officials said.

-- In Baghdad, coalition detained a wanted man who allegedly is part of al-Qaida operations north of the city. Another suspect also was detained.

-- Sixty miles west of Baghdad, coalition forces captured a wanted man linked to the movement of
terrorists into Iraq.

-- Coalition forces detained 10 more suspected
terrorists during operations in northwestern Iraq.

-- Coalition forces used Hellfire missiles to kill nine insurgents in New Baghdad.

-- Another insurgent was killed in Kadhamiyah when the roadside bomb he was emplacing detonated.

In yesterday's operations:

--In Adhamiyah, local "Sons of Iraq" citizen
security group members found explosives that had been picked up accidentally by a sanitation truck. The Iraqis found two 81 mm projectiles, a 120 mm mortar, a projectile booster and detonation cord.

-- In eastern Rashid, Iraqi
police and U.S. soldiers seized munitions found in an abandoned mosque. Seized items included homemade explosives, a rocket-propelled grenade with launcher, a smoke grenade, and an Iraqi army uniform.

-- In western Rashid, U.S. soldiers found three 107 mm rockets, five rocket-propelled grenades, a 60 mm mortar and 200 rounds of machine-gun ammunition. Later in the same area, U.S. soldiers found eight 155 mm projectiles and five 60 mm mortar rounds.

-- Coalition forces detained more than 20 suspected insurgents during an operation in the Khatoon district of Baqouba.

-- U.S. soldiers operating in New Baghdad detained a suspected
criminal linked to a recently thwarted attack using a bomb designed to pierce armor.

-- During a raid in Baghdad's Rashid district, U.S. soldiers seized an AK-47 rifle, knives and a satchel containing 15,000 U.S. dollars and more than 2 million Iraqi dinars.

-- U.S. soldiers detained a suspected al-Qaida terrorist in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Jamiyah.

-- Northwest of Baghdad, U.S. soldiers detained a
criminal leader during an operation in the Taji Qada district.

-- In Adhamiyah, a coalition-launched Hellfire missile killed two
terrorists who had attacked a detachment of Iraqi police.

-- West of Baghdad, U.S. soldiers discovered three mortar rounds, four grenades, a land mine and numerous blasting caps.

-- In Kadhamiyah, Iraqi soldiers found 53 blocks of plastic explosives, two 107 mm rockets, an 82 mm mortar round, several rocket rails, six grenades and some maps of Baghdad. Material suitable for making roadside bombs was also found, including seven 10-inch copper plates, three four-inch copper plates, two lengths of detonation cord, 12 spools of wire, 10 grenade fuses, four blasting caps, two supplement charges and a detonator.

-- In Sadr City, U.S. soldiers in an M1A2 Abrams tank fired two high-explosive rounds and killed two insurgents, while in another action, a group of U.S. soldiers killed one insurgent.

-- In New Baghdad, a coalition aerial weapons team fired a Hellfire missile and killed two men who were planting a roadside bomb.

-- Sons of Iraq killed four insurgents and found a large weapons cache in Salahuddin province. The cache yielded several suicide vests, 800 pounds of explosives and other material suitable for making roadside bombs.

-- In Baghdad's Adhamiyah sector, Iraqi
security forces detained three insurgents. The detainees are linked to murders and displacement of Iraqi citizens.

-- U.S. special operations troops killed two enemy fighters on a rooftop during
security operations in the Sadr City area of Baghdad.

In May 6 operations:

-- Sons of Iraq killed three enemy fighters in northwestern Baghdad and a coalition-fired missile killed an insurgent following a rocket attack in Sadr City that injured seven Iraqi civilians.

-- In Baghdad's Rashid district, U.S. soldiers found three mortar rounds, four rocket-propelled grenades and two boxes of ammunition.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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