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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Real World Terrorism Haunts Plot of Local Author's New Novel

The Terrorist Trap by Paulette B. Maggiolo

May 3, 2008, (Woodstock, Virginia) The
Terrorist Trap, the second novel by Woodstock, VA, author Paulette B. Maggiolo, was recently published by iUniverse, Inc., the leading provider of publishing technology solutions for authors. Dr. Maggiolo announced today that the book is available by phone or online and she is scheduling book signing events and media interviews. The Terrorist Trap is stunning in its relevance to actual current events:

Almidar Kamel, a model cadet at Sundance
Military School in rural Norwood, Tennessee, reveres Allah, embraces holy war, hates America, and is preparing for martyrdom. As he listens to his Muslim leaders, he knows the wait will be short.

Zamrah Musenu, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy and unscrupulous Bulgarian, has been protected by men her entire life. Living in the United States, she discards her cultural shackles and makes her own decisions. However, she's an unwitting connection to her father's activities, and has been planted by U.S. Special Intelligence at Sundance, where Kamel awaits his calling.

Alex Esnecu, a conniving and cunning Gypsy, works as a mule to bring terrorist funds to the United States. When he shows up in Norwood, Zamrah is confused and fearful, but she can't let on that Alex is her adopted brother and former lover. Alex may be spying… or have more sinister motives.

As the paths of these young people mingle, Special Intelligence is on the alert. A pregnant student is murdered, and the school spirals into fear. Kamel's disappearance after the death is suspicious, but when Alex brings an encoded warning, authorities puzzle together that a terrorist attack is imminent. Can they decode the message in time to stop the carnage?

"Every character and scene in this book comes directly from someone I've known, an experience I've had, or a true event," asserts Dr. Maggiolo, whose years of teaching in a military school and her encounters with other cultures provide the detail that makes this story so gripping.

"Terrifyingly plausible­—the author's inside knowledge of
military academy life and her understanding of worldwide anti-American sentiment make for a compelling read," reports Jack H. Albert, Jr., President/CEO, St. John's Northwestern Military Academy, Delafield, Wisconsin

About the Author
Paulette B. Maggiolo came to the U.S. in 1946 as a French war bride. She holds degrees from The Sorbonne and Columbia University and earned a PhD in Modern Languages. She taught thirty years in American schools, including a
military academy. Paulette lives in Virginia, travels extensively, and writes novels published in the United States and France.

MORE INFORMATION: The Terrorist Trap

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