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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Coalition Troops in Iraq Capture 30 Suspected al-Qaida Terrorists

American Forces Press Service

July 28, 2008 - Coalition forces today captured two wanted men and detained 28 additional suspected
terrorists while targeting al-Qaida operations in central and northern Iraq, military officials said. Coalition forces detained two wanted men and five additional suspects during an operation in Abu Ghraib, about 25 kilometers west of Baghdad. One of the men reportedly is an al-Qaida in Iraq leader who oversees attacks. The other wanted man allegedly makes and emplaces roadside bombs.

Using information obtained from a June 24 operation, coalition forces in Mosul targeted a man believed to oversee al-Qaida financial operations in Ninevah province. They detained one suspect, and seven additional suspects were detained in another operation targeting an al-Qaida in Iraq senior leader.

Tips from local residents helped coalition forces envelop a village southwest of Mosul that reportedly is a hideout for al-Qaida facilitators and smugglers coming in from Syria. Fifteen suspects were detained.

During yesterday's operations:

-- Coalition forces captured two suspected
leaders of Iranian-backed "special groups" and another suspect during separate operations in Baghdad's Rusafa district. Coalition forces first captured one suspected special groups leaders operating in the Sadr City area. He is linked to attacks against Iraqi and coalition forces, as well as to kidnappings and smuggling of weapons from Iran to Iraq. In a separate operation in the Rusafa district, coalition forces captured the leader of a Karkh-area special groups ring and another suspect. The detained leader is linked to the provision of weapons, money and logistical support to subordinates. He also is believed to have supplied fighters to support criminal operations.

-- Fifty-eight suspected al-Qaida members were detained and four were killed during a coalition search operation in Ninewah province.

-- U.S. soldiers detained a special groups operative and discovered a weapons cache in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. The detainee is linked to rocket and roadside-bomb attacks against coalition forces. Later, the soldiers discovered two nitrous oxide tanks, a
fire extinguisher filled with homemade explosives, ammunition, two pressure plates used in roadside bombs and a smoke grenade in Baghdad's Doura community. An explosives ordnance disposal team disposed of the explosive materials.

Meanwhile, Iraqi security forces detained a suspected al-Qaida
terrorist and discovered a weapons cache in separate operations in northern Iraq July 25.

The Muqdadiyah
special weapons and tactics team detained a suspected al-Qaida member in Babylon, northeast of Baghdad, in an operation to disrupt terrorist activity in Muqdadiyah. The suspect allegedly is a facilitator for a cell involved in roadside-bomb emplacements, sectarian violence and weapons smuggling.

Also, Iraqi National
Police operating northwest of Baghdad discovered a weapons cache consisting of about a metric ton of nitric acid, 150 pounds of explosive materials, mortar rounds, projectiles, tank rounds and rockets. An explosive ordnance disposal unit disposed of the cache.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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