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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coalition Forces in Afghanistan Kill, Detain Militants

American Forces Press Service

Sept. 18, 2008 - Coalition forces detained a suspected militant while targeting an improvised explosive device network in Afghanistan's Khowst province yesterday,
military officials reported. The operation netted the targeted militant, who is known for facilitating and conducting IED attacks in Tani district. He also is believed to be in contact with Haqqani terrorist group subcommanders and facilitating the movement of militants in the province, officials said.

Elsewhere, coalition forces killed two militants and detained two suspected militants Sept. 16 during an operation in Ghazni province.

The operation targeted a known IED facilitator in Andar district who was wanted for conducting and coordinating attacks against civilians, the government of Afghanistan, NATO and coalition forces in the region. Intelligence also suggests he facilitated and financed the movement of foreign fighters into Afghanistan, officials said. The targeted militant, who was armed, and one other armed militant were killed during the operation.

Coalition forces searched the targeted compound and vehicles, finding multiple AK-47 assault rifles, three rocket-propelled grenades, a rocket launcher, multiple hand grenades, IED-making material and
military-style clothing. These items were destroyed to prevent future use.

(Compiled from Combined Joint Task Force 101 news releases.)

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