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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Industrial Security Protection

On May 29, 2009, Conversations with Heroes at the Watering Hole will feature a discussion on Industrial Security Protection with former Army Captain Jeffrey W. Bennett.

Program Date: May 29, 2009
Program Time: 2100 hours, Pacific
Topic: Industrial Security Protection
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About the Guest
Jeffrey W. Bennett, ISP is a former Army Officer with experience in intelligence, security and logistics. He is also an accomplished author with periodical, novel and non-fiction book credits. His book, ISP Certification-The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual has helped security professionals better understand their profession as well as earn their certification.

Jeffrey W. Bennett is ISP certified with certificate number 117. He writes books on national security to offer peers, professionals and students resources to improve their skills and ability to safeguard classified material. His primary goal is to train security professionals and decrease security violations . Jeffrey W. Bennett is an active member of NCMS (Society of Industrial Security Professional) and currently serves as the vice-chair of one of the largest chapters. Jeffrey W. Bennett is also a member of ASIS International and serves as the nomination chair for the local chapter. Jeffrey W. Bennett is the author of ISP Certification: The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual.

According to the book description of ISP Certification: The Industrial Security Professional Exam Manual, “What can be more important than protecting our Nation's secrets? This study system offers easy to understand career advice and delivers timely information to help students, industrial security professionals and Government security specialists better understand the National Industrial Security Program. This book is perfect for
Homeland Security and Criminal Justice students, security professionals and should be in every library. Industrial security professionals serving in the government, private or DoD Contractor industry benefit by improving their study of executive orders and the National Industrial Security Operating Manual. Situations and questions throughout the book are designed to help improve security programs designed to protect classified material. In fact, many Facility Security Officers and industrial security professionals face similar situations identified in the book as they implement and direct policies to safeguard our nation’s secrets.”

About the Watering Hole
The Watering Hole is
police slang for a location cops go off-duty to blow off steam and talk about work and life. Sometimes funny; sometimes serious; but, always interesting.

About the Host
Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster was a sworn member of the Los Angeles Police Department for 24 years. He retired in 2003 at the rank of Lieutenant. He holds a bachelor’s from the Union Institute and University in
Criminal Justice Management and a Master’s Degree in Public Financial Management from California State University, Fullerton; and, has completed his doctoral course work. Raymond E. Foster has been a part-time lecturer at California State University, Fullerton and Fresno; and is currently a Criminal Justice Department chair, faculty advisor and lecturer with the Union Institute and University. He has experience teaching upper division courses in Law Enforcement, public policy, Law Enforcement Technology and leadership. Raymond is an experienced author who has published numerous articles in a wide range of venues including magazines such as Government Technology, Mobile Government, Airborne Law Enforcement Magazine, and Police One. He has appeared on the History Channel and radio programs in the United States and Europe as subject matter expert in technological applications in Law Enforcement.

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Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA

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