War on Terrorism

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Work for the Department of Homeland Security?

Are you a motivated and talented individual who is ready to take on a position of significant responsibility? At the Department of Homeland Security, you will have more than just a job. You will be a vital part of the solution to our country's security challenges for the 21st century.

We want exceptional individuals for mission-critical positions. You will be part of a team that procures over $20 billion worth of goods and services, the third largest procurement budget in the federal government.

As a member of the Department's Acquisition team, you will put your education and experience to work. You will be on the front line, directly impacting the mission every day by procuring everything from IT hardware and software to boats and aircraft.

If you are selected for the Acquisition Professional Career Program (APCP), you will be given structured, specialized training from the first day of your new career. Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in your acquisition field will give you the tools you need to perform the vital responsibilities you will be entrusted with as a rising leader in the federal government. This accelerated program will put you on a path to professional success well ahead of your peers in the private sector.


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