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Friday, February 12, 2010

International Aviation Security

Secretary Napolitano to Discuss Ways to Bolster Global Aviation Security with International Partners in Mexico

Date: February 12, 2010 - Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano will travel to Mexico City on Feb. 16-18, at the invitation of her Mexican colleague, Interior Secretary Fernando Francisco Gómez-Mont, to meet with her North, Central and South American and Caribbean counterparts and officials from the International Civil Aviation Organization to discuss ways to bolster global aviation security.

Secretary Napolitano's trip is the second in a series of major international meetings intended to build consensus on strengthening global aviation security, and to identify specific steps which nations can take individually and collectively to protect all passengers-including strengthening of international aviation security standards, exchanging of best practices, and improving screening procedures and processes.

While the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not conduct screening at foreign airports, Secretary Napolitano is committed to strengthening coordination with international partners to implement stronger and more effective measures to protect the integrity of the global aviation network.

While in Mexico City, Secretary Napolitano will also meet with top Mexican officials to discuss the ongoing collaboration by DHS and the Mexican government to secure the U.S.-Mexico border and share information about transnational threats while streamlining legitimate travel and trade.

In January, Secretary Napolitano met with her European counterparts in Toledo, Spain, resulting in a joint declaration between the United States and the European Union on a way forward to strengthen the international civil aviation system through enhanced information collection and sharing, cooperation on technological development, and modernized aviation security standards.

Secretary Napolitano also traveled to Geneva to meet with airline industry partners about the need for collaborative action to prevent terrorists from boarding commercial aircraft.

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