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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ISAF Condemns Killing of Kandahar’s Mayor

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2011 – The International Security Assistance Force joined Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai in condemning today’s killing of Kandahar City Mayor Ghulam Haidar Hamedi, military officials reported.

Initial reports indicate Hamedi was killed by a suicide bomber in Kandahar, the largest city in southern Afghanistan. One other person was reported to have died in the blast.

“Mayor Hamedi was a strong leader and voice for a terror-free and progressive Afghanistan, and we extend our sympathies to his family and friends at this sorrowful time,” said Navy Rear Adm. Vic Beck, the ISAF’s director of public affairs.

“We will work with our Afghan partners to bring to justice those responsible for this despicable killing,” Beck added.

In Afghanistan news yesterday:

-- An Afghan-led force killed two insurgents and confiscated enemy weapons during a security operation in the Qush Tepa district of Afghanistan’s Jowzjan province. While the force pursued the insurgents, one of them attempted to engage the force with his AK-47 rifle. The security force returned fire, killing the individual. A second insurgent was killed after he displayed hostile intent toward the force. The security force confiscated a machine gun, an AK-47 rifle, grenades, and a chest rack.

-- An Afghan-led security force killed one insurgent and detained one suspect while targeting a Taliban leader in the Qal’ah-ye Zal district of Kunduz province. The leader is responsible for planning, coordinating and conducting attacks throughout the Imam Sahib district. The primary targets of his attacks are Afghan government officials and Afghan security forces. During the operation, the security force encountered one insurgent, armed with a pistol. The force fired at the man, killing him.

-- In the Shah Joy district of Zabul province, a combined Afghan and coalition force captured a Taliban leader and several of his associates. The leader was involved in conducting roadside bomb attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He also moves roadside bomb material along Highway 1.

-- An Afghan-led force captured a Taliban facilitator and two of his associates during an operation in the Zharay district of Kandahar province. The detained facilitator was responsible for constructing and emplacing roadside bombs.

-- In the Ghorak district of Kandahar province, an Afghan-led force detained two suspects during a security operation. The operation targeted an insurgent responsible for providing a safe haven for Taliban leadership throughout the Ghorak and Sangin districts.

-- A combined Afghan and coalition force detained several suspects while searching for two Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin leaders in the Nerkh district of Wardak province. The leaders direct enemy fighters in attacks against Afghan and coalition security forces.

-- In the Ab Band district of Ghazni province, an Afghan-led force detained two suspected insurgents during a security operation targeting an Islamic Movement Uzbekistan facilitator. The facilitator collaborates with Taliban members and senior leaders of the IMU.

-- A combined Afghan and coalition patrol discovered a weapons cache in the Giro district of Ghazni province. The security force seized 220 12.7mm rounds of ammunition and improvised explosive device components.

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