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Friday, April 26, 2013

Combined Force Arrests Taliban Facilitator

From an International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release

KABUL, Afghanistan, April 26, 2013 – A combined Afghan and coalition security force arrested a Taliban facilitator and one other insurgent during an operation in the Kandahar district of Afghanistan’s Kandahar province today, military officials reported.

The facilitator is believed to be a key link in weapons trafficking operations throughout Kandahar province, officials said. He has a history of acquiring and transporting rocket-propelled grenade launchers, recoilless rifles, assault rifles, ammunition and other military equipment for use in insurgent operations.

Officials said he also participated in attacks against Afghan and coalition forces.

In other Afghanistan operations today:

-- A combined force arrested a number of insurgents and seized 75 pounds of narcotics during a search for a Taliban leader in the Maiwand district of Kandahar province. The sought-after insurgent is believed to have control over a group of fighters responsible for attacks against Afghan and coalition forces throughout the province. He also served as a tactical advisor to senior Taliban leadership in the area, and has coordinated insurgent logistics operations.

-- Afghan and coalition security forces confirmed yesterday’s arrest of a Taliban leader, Naqibullah, during an operation in the Pul-e-Alam district of Logar province. Nagibullah is believed to control fighters responsible for building and emplacing improvised explosive devices targeting Afghan and coalition forces. He also facilitates the movement of supplies, to include weapons and IED-making materials, for the Taliban network in his area.

-- Combined forces confirmed the death of a Taliban leader, Sher Zaman, during an April 23 operation in the Nad ‘Ali district of Helmand province. Sher Zaman was directly responsible for purchasing and distributing IED components to other Taliban members. He also participated in IED and small-arms fire attacks against Afghan and coalition forces, and provided intelligence to senior Taliban leaders.

In Afghanistan operations yesterday:

-- In the Tirin Kot district of Uruzgan province, the Afghan 1st Company, 8th Special Operations Kandak, enabled by coalition forces, captured an IED facilitator and detained one other insurgent during the unit’s first cordon-and-search mission. The facilitator is believed to be a sub-commander with ties to several mid-level Taliban insurgents and is linked to attacks on Afghan government officials in the Deh Rawud district.

-- A combined force arrested a Taliban leader and one other insurgent in the Kandahar district of Kandahar province. The arrested leader is believed to manage a network of Taliban informants throughout Kandahar province. He has participated in public executions of Afghan officials, assisted in the facilitation of weapons to local fighters, and directly associated with Abdullah Wakil, the Taliban leader for the Panjwa’i district who was killed March 31 during an Afghan and coalition operation.

-- A combined force killed two insurgents during a search for a Taliban leader in the Nawa-i-Barakzai district of Helmand province. The leader is believed to be involved in IED operations and direct-fire attacks against Afghan and coalition forces. He’s linked in the kidnapping of an Afghan soldier, and also stands accused of training subordinate insurgent fighters and coordinating the movement of ammunition and weapons to Taliban forces.

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