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Monday, July 17, 2006

Extremists Kill Afghan Civilians in Drive-by Shooting

WASHINGTON, July 16, 2006 – Two Afghan civilians were killed and one was injured July 15 in a drive-by shooting in Zambar in Khowst Province. "This was a senseless attack on Afghan civilians," said Col. Thomas Collins, spokesman for Combined Forces Command Afghanistan. "For extremists to dress like women and kill innocent civilians shows the lengths the extremists will go to to threaten the safety of the Afghan people. The coalition remains committed to putting an end to such senseless violence and those who would commit these atrocities."

Three people disguised as women who were wearing burkas and driving in a Toyota Corolla conducted the attack, officials reported. The Afghan civilians killed were from the village of Aber Khel and acquaintances of the Zambar Afghan National Police chief.

In other news, Afghan National Army and coalition forces attacked more than 40 extremists in three districts during separate operations July 13 and 14 in Uruzgan Province in an effort to disrupt and deny enemy operations in those areas. The affected districts were Chora, Kala Kala, and Khorma. In Deh Rawod, two extremist suicide bombers wearing burkas and disguised as women were killed during a cordon and search of a compound.

Elsewhere, near the district of Khas Uruzgan, ANA and coalition forces repelled an attacked by 20 enemy fighters with small-arms fire, killing one extremist. The joint patrols took precautions to avoid harm to Afghan civilians during each operation, and there were no reports of Afghan civilian injuries. In Helmand Province in the village of Mosulmani near Musa Qaleh, ANA and coalition forces attacked several enemy fighters operating in the village.

"We will continue to disrupt and hunt down extremists operating in southern Afghanistan," said Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick, spokesman for Combined Joint Task Force 76. "Extremists offer nothing to the people of Afghanistan. Only the legitimate government can create jobs, build schools and establish infrastructure."

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