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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Heightened Alert

NORAD, U.S. Air Bases on Heightened Alert

Air bases in Aurora and Colorado Springs, Colo. are on heightened alert but no one would say why. The Cheyenne Mountain Air Station and Buckley Air Force Base were among four bases nationwide that went on higher alert. Vandenberg Air Force in California and Patrick Air Force Base in Florida were also on heightened alert, after the U.S. Space Command in Colorado Springs issued the security increase. North American Aerospace Defense Command, headquartered deep inside Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, went to "Bravo-Plus" alert status as part of the heightened alert.

There are five levels of alert used by NORAD are: normal, Alpha (low), Bravo (medium), Charlie (high) and Delta (critical). "Bravo- Plus" is slightly higher than a medium threat level. Space Command would not comment on the reason for the security increase but reports indicated that it might be connected with a possible North Korean missile test directed toward the United States.


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