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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


After a nearly 24 month hiatus IntellNet.org has been re-launched.

Founded in early 2000 as a private project to more easily disseminate information, during the 4 years since its creation IntellNet proved itself to be a great source of knowledge. With today's re-launch, The Intelligence Network will stand upon the shoulders of giants in order to see further and push higher; expanding upon the very foundations of the U.S. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) community.

According to Brooke Isoldi, general editor of the website, “It is with both humility and courage that we acknowledge those that not only came before, but after as well in what has become a global effort to achieve synergy with the flow of information. In the coming months, we will unveil initiatives designed to enhance and develop current and new capabilities as well as extend our reach into both existing and un-chartered territories. In line with these developments, I have placed the IntellNet website and The OSINT Group under the umbrella of The Intelligence Network where they will be autonomous divisions with similar methods and common goals. New divisions will be created as more initiatives are deployed and we will be increasingly in need of intelligent, savvy and thoughtful individuals to staff them. Additionally, The Intelligence Network will maintain an open door policy to any similar organizations willing to collaborate, on any level in order to further our common goals.”

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