War on Terrorism

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Terrorists Detained in Afghanistan; Extremists Attack Girls School

WASHINGTON, August 1, 2006 – Afghan and coalition forces detained four suspected al Qaeda operatives during an early morning raid today in Khowst province, and a group of extremists attacked a girls school in Parwan province July 28, U.S. military officials said. No resistance was reported. An assault rifle and pistol were confiscated from the target location.

“The coalition continues to relentlessly pursue and disrupt al Qaeda and their associated movements,” Army Col. Thomas Collins, a coalition spokesman, said. “We'll continue to place pressure on their sanctuaries and known areas of operation.” The four suspects are being detained and questioned regarding their participation in al Qaeda activities, officials said.

Also in Afghanistan, a group of extremists attacked a girls school July 28 in Parwan province. The extremists used small-arms and rocket–propelled-grenade fire to attack the school, causing a partial collapse of the roof. Villagers returned fire on the extremists, and one Afghan civilian security guard was injured in the attack, according to local authorities.

”This is another example of total disregard for the progress the Afghan people have achieved. The extremists offer nothing but a bleak return to oppression,” Collins said. “Coalition forces, together with the Afghan government, will continue to seek out those who want nothing but darkness for the country.” The actions of the villagers in Parwan demonstrate the Afghan people's dislike for the terrorists’ agenda, he added.

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