War on Terrorism

Friday, August 04, 2006

Terrorists Detained in Iraq; Foreign Fighter Turned Over to Iraqi Courts

WASHINGTON, Aug. 3, 2006 – Coalition forces captured a wanted terrorist along with two others during a raid near Bayji, Iraq, yesterday, U.S. military officials reported. The raid is one of a series of successful operations targeting a terrorist cell involved in aiding foreign terrorists throughout central Iraq. The raid occurred without incident.

Coalition forces have been effectively dismantling this group, which has reportedly orchestrated attacks, kidnappings and bombings of civilians, officials said. In addition, Iraqi and coalition forces announced that a recently captured foreign terrorist would be turned over to the Iraqi government for prosecution under the Iraqi justice system, officials said.

The terrorist, a joint-Sudanese and United Arab Emirates citizen, has admitted to active roles in al Qaeda operations. Iraqi security forces arrested him at a checkpoint just north of Baghdad. He has provided extensive information about Iraqi al Qaeda leadership, in particular operations to create terrorist propaganda for recruiting and to incite sectarian violence, official said.

This is the foreign fighter's second arrest in Iraq. He was arrested in the fall of 2005 and detained for four months for suspected participation in attacks against coalition forces, officials said. Iraqi and coalition officials will continue to work closely to ensure this terrorist will receive due process through the Iraqi justice system, officials said.

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