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Friday, October 13, 2006

Explosion Kills Police Chief, Deputy in Hillah, Iraq

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13, 2006 – The Hillah, Iraq, special weapons and tactics police chief and his deputy were killed today in an explosion at the Hillah Iraqi police headquarters in southern Babil province around 10:00 a.m. oldiers from Multinational Division Baghdad and the 8th Iraqi Army Division quickly responded to the blast, providing a cordon around the attack site and security of the surrounding area, U.S. officials said.

An explosive ordnance disposal team and a weapons intelligence team are on site investigating the cause of the explosion. Two other casualties were evacuated to the Hillah hospital. Their identities and conditions are unknown at this time.

In other news from Iraq, a tip from a concerned Iraqi citizen led Iraqi
police officers to a car bomb in Baghdad's Bayaa district Oct. 11.

Iraqi citizen informed Iraqi
police that a vehicle in his neighborhood didn't belong. Upon investigation, the Iraqi police determined it was a car bomb that had failed to detonate. The police then called in an Iraqi army explosive ordnance disposal team to disarm the bomb and notified Multinational Division Baghdad Soldiers from 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, who provided overwatch and support.

Inside the vehicle, the EOD team found 23 57 mm mortar rounds, two 120 mm artillery rounds and a 157mm artillery round. There were no reports of damage to Iraqi
army, Iraqi police or multinational equipment or personnel.

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