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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Coalition Kills More Than 100 Insurgents in Afghanistan Engagement

American Forces Press Service

Aug. 29, 2007 - Afghan national security forces advised by coalition forces killed more than 100 insurgent fighters in a battle that started this morning and still continues in the northern part of Afghanistan's Kandahar province,
military officials reported. The combined force was on a combat patrol five miles south of Chenartu Village when it were attacked by a large group of insurgents from reinforced fighting positions using small arms, heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars. Throughout the battle, insurgents continued to reinforce the area, engaging Afghan government forces in an attempt to overrun their position.

The Afghan-led force used small arms and crew-served weapons to repel the enemy attack while calling for close-air support, which destroyed the enemy hilltop positions with bombing runs. Coalition aircraft destroyed the reinforced enemy emplacements and sniper positions as well as two trucks used to reinforce and resupply the insurgent force.

One Afghan security force member was killed in the battle. Three coalition forces and three Afghan troops also were wounded in the engagement. No civilians were killed or wounded, as all targets were engaged in open and unpopulated areas.

"Afghan national security forces are maintaining constant pressure on extremists to deny them access to any support bases," said
Army Capt. Vanessa R. Bowman, a Combined Joint Task Force 82 spokeswoman. "The (Afghan troops) are effectively engaging criminal forces at work in this country and enjoying increasing success in their efforts to bring security to all Afghans. Today's engagement shows how far they have come in their development."

In other operations today, Afghan and coalition forces detained seven men in Ghazni province. Intelligence reports led the forces to compounds in the Ghazni district of the province that were suspected of providing sanctuary to a Taliban-affiliated militant. The detainees will be questioned as to their involvement in militant activities, officials said.

"Violent extremists are not concerned with the welfare of the peaceful Afghan people," Bowman said. "The enemies of peace and stability continue to disregard the safety of non-combatants by hiding amongst them, using civilian areas to support their campaign of terror and willfully disrupting innocent Afghan's attempts to lead peaceful lives."

Also today, Afghan and coalition forces detained six suspected militants during an operation in Nangarhar province. The forces suspected the targeted compounds, located in the Boti Kot district, were housing a militant responsible for facilitating the use of improvised explosive devices.

"Pockets of militants continue to attempt to disrupt the efforts toward prosperity in Afghanistan," Bowman said. "Their negative influence will not be tolerated in a country that has chosen development and progress."

(Compiled from Combined Joint Task Force 82 news releases.)

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