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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Counter-Terrorism/Medical Disaster Preparedness: A Pro-Active Approach

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 29, 2007
8:30 am - 4:30 pm
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Campus Center

The mission of this symposium is to educate the public on counter-
terrorist prevention strategies and disaster response; this symposium will have a particular emphasis on response resources, looking at real scenarios run in a major medical center environment.
The latest in a series of seminars hosted by the NJ
Marine Corps Reserve Association/ Military Order of the Purple Heart focusing on different aspects of terrorist prevention and disaster response. See contact information below and on back for information regarding registration, target audiences or previous seminars (i.e. speakers, topics, certifications and training).

This Year’s September Symposium Will Feature:
Medical Disaster Preparedness — from the medical/civic health viewpoint. A leading Doctor from ST. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center looks at medical situations arising from Hurricane Katrina and details his first hand experience with medical problems/mitigation strategies.

Educational Credit — available to eligible professionals/participants seeking
continuing education credits [for physicians/nurses]

School Security Overview — NJ State
Police on campus security, intruder protection, etc.

Industry Focus — facing airlines and trucking industries security issues

Information Technology — identity theft awareness/prevention

Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Threats and Emergency Preparedness —
presentation from Iraq War Veteran and
tactical security officer stationed at The Pentagon

Professional/Citizens Groups — how to engage and educate/train the public in counter-terrorism

CBRNE Awareness Overview — participation certificates distributed

Phone: 609 977-2114 or email:

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