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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Popularity and Expansion of Online Criminal Justice Programs and Degrees

Let’s not fool ourselves here. Earning an online college degree is quite an achievement in itself. It is an acknowledgement by the student, that at some point in their work career, they made a choice to rise to the sound of their inner voice and seek a greater purpose.

For those who have chosen the path of public service, that inner voice could not be greater. Literally, that vocation can take shape in many forms. In recent years, the world of online education has seen a surge of interest in the field of Criminal Justice. There are many factors involved in this increase. On one end of the spectrum, the political state of the United States civil policies has helped to increase the hiring needs of this field. On the other end, television media and the public fascination with dramas set in and around the fields of Law, Criminal Justice, Forensics and crime in general can also be a significant catalyst.

Online criminal justice degrees are now available to online students in every state and these online degree programs are accredited by their regional accrediting boards. These online degrees are afforded the same respect by police and sheriff departments and correctional facilities. Many police departments encourage their employees in the field, to pursue advanced degrees in criminal justice, thus increasing their potential for advancement as well as their income.

Student at the beginning of their work career may see an
online criminal justice degree as the beginning step to a secure career in law enforcement, at a correctional facility or as the first step in a journey to obtaining a masters in criminal justice. Some online programs are so highly regarded at providing such quality education in the field that these institutions have sought and gained the honor of granting a doctorate in criminal justice.

Yes, it is possible in this day and age to progress from bachelors, to masters, to a doctorate degree in criminal justice all in an online learning environment. The fields of study available to the online learner are increasing day by day as online colleges see new areas of growth and develop curriculum to meet these needs.

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