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Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Moller Skycar: Patrol Unit of the Future

Like so many other stories, this one begins with the distinct trilling of the 911 line. Frantic voices on the other end, a yell, a crash, bang; shots fired! More calls from neighboring businesses, there are men inside the bank, men with guns. This has happened before; the robbers are experienced, and smart. Never inside for more than 3 minutes, they are gone and blending into the population before the first unit arrives on scene.

The suspects always hit jurisdictions without their own helicopters, and they always hit the furthest bank from the station, during rush hour. This time, the nearest ground unit is at least 8 minutes away. The nearest helicopter is 15 minutes away. The suspects are going to get away, so they think. The 11 miles by road is less than 6 as the crow flies. But this is no crow, it is the 360 MPH, 4 seat, Moller M400 Skycar, and it is overhead in just over a minute from the time of call. No one is getting away from this machine.


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