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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coalition Forces Kill Three Terrorists, Detain 12

American Forces Press Service

April 29, 2008 - Coalition forces killed three
terrorists and detained 12 suspects today during operations in the northern half of Iraq.
-- Coalition forces targeted a suspect wanted for aiding foreign t
errorists at a suspected terrorist safe-house about 60 miles north of Baghdad. Forces killed three armed terrorists there, and five others were detained.

-- Coalition forces nabbed four suspects in Mosul.

-- In Beiji, about 100 miles south of Mosul, forces captured the
leader of a car-bomb cell along with two others.

In operations around Iraq yesterday:

-- In Baghdad, an aerial weapons team and an M1A2 Abrams tank crew killed seven enemy fighters in the Sadr City district. The aerial weapons team fired a Hellfire missile, killing four, and the tank crew shot a main round, killing three.

-- Forces targeted two vehicles and killed 10 terrorists near Khalaf Al Mahd. They detained one suspected
terrorist and destroyed a weapons cache he was guarding nearby.

-- Citizens in the Diyala province fended off an attack from al-Qaida in Iraq terrorists, killing 12. Members of the local "Sons of Iraq" citizen
security group fought against the enemy attack. One Sons of Iraq member was killed, and three were wounded. Several civilians were wounded in the attack.

-- In Abu Ghraib, forces targeted a terrorist with ties to al-Qaida
leaders in Baghdad. Three terrorists were detained.

-- Forces caught a suspect associated with terrorists involved in al-Qaida media operations in the Rasafah neighborhood in Baghdad.

Soldiers confiscated several weapons caches in separate actions yesterday:

-- Forces confiscated numerous weapons and gear in the New Baghdad
security district of eastern Baghdad, including 38 AK-47 assault rifles, three SKS rifles, a pistol, four helmets, and vests.

-- Soldiers recovered a cache holding 10 rocket-propelled grenades, two launching tubes, a suicide vest, two grenades, a 105 mm round, two 60 mm mortar rounds, and an unknown amount of homemade explosive in western Rashid.

-- While patrolling the New Baghdad area of eastern Baghdad, soldiers uncovered a cache holding 20 mortar rounds and six rocket-propelled grenades.

In other operations across Iraq on April 27:

-- Soldiers seized munitions and detained a man from Iraq's most-wanted list in Baghdad's Rashid district.

-- Soldiers detained another man from Iraq's most-wanted list in the Zubaida community. They also found a rocket launcher and rocket rigged with detonation wire during a patrol there.

-- Forces found a cache southwest of Baghdad. The cache held 80 machine-gun rounds, four 69 mm mortar rounds, a 120 mm mortar round and two bags of homemade explosives.

-- Soldiers discovered an emplaced roadside bomb and a rocket with launcher in two places in the Rashid district of the Iraqi capital. A 107 mm rocket was recovered, and an armor-piercing explosively formed penetrator was found during a combat patrol in the Abu Tshir community.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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