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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coalition Troops in Afghanistan Detain Suspected Roadside Bomber

American Forces Press Service

April 18, 2008 - Coalition forces detained a suspected militant yesterday during a joint U.S./Afghan
security-force operation to disrupt roadside bombings in Afghanistan's Khowst province, military officials reported. The person in custody is linked to several attacks on coalition forces. He was detained during a search of compounds in the province's Gorbuz District.

In other news, 12 suspected militants were detained during two separate operations in Khowst and Nimroz provinces April 16.

In the district of Tani in Khowst province, Afghan and coalition forces detained two militants linked to foreign fighters and roadside bomb operations. Five of their associates, also suspected of having links to foreign fighters and IED operations, also were detained. Several weapons, ammunition, an ammunition vest and bomb-making components were confiscated and destroyed.

In a separate operation in the district of Kashroad in Nimroz province, coalition forces searched multiple compounds for a wanted Taliban commander and detained five suspected militants linked to the suspect.

Also, an Afghan commando unit captured a suspected Taliban
leader during an April 14 search operation southeast of Shembaut Village in Khowst province. The detainee is a suspected Taliban member linked to attacks on Afghan security forces. He also is linked to providing housing and intelligence for use by suicide bombers. Afghan citizens tipped off U.S. and Afghan forces on the location of the suspected militant.

In other news, a local citizen led Afghan and U.S.
security forces to a weapons cache hidden inside a cave in northern Afghanistan April 13.

The entrance to the cave was covered up by a deep layer of dirt, according to a U.S. soldier who participated in the mission. The cave held more than 300 pieces of ammunition in nearly pristine condition.

The Afghan tipster will receive a monetary reward, as part of the Small Rewards Program.

About $65,000 in reward monies has been paid to individuals who've provided information resulting in locating and destroying weapons caches throughout Afghanistan. More than 7,000 enemy weapon systems, including rocket-propelled grenades, land mines, rifles and various types of ammunitions have been confiscated as a result of the program.

(Compiled from Combined Joint Task Force 101 news releases.)

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