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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Kill One, Detain 21

American Forces Press Service

Aug. 5, 2008 - Coalition and Iraqi forces killed one enemy fighter, wounded two more and detained 21 suspected
terrorists during recent operations in Iraq, military officials said. Today in northern and central Iraq, coalition forces captured 15 suspected terrorists during separate operations in Baghdad, Mosul, Samarra and Beiji.

U.S. troops near Mosul detained two alleged al-Qaida associates and four other suspects. The two suspected associates are believed to be part of an al-Qaida network south of the city in Sharqat, officials said.

Coalition forces detained six suspected
terrorists in Salahuddin province, including an alleged al-Qaida leader in Samarra. The alleged leader reportedly supervises attacks in and around the city. The other suspects were detained during operations in Beiji, officials said.

In two separate operations in Baghdad, coalition forces captured three suspected
terrorists. One suspect and his associate are believed to be conspirators connected with foreign-fighter facilitators outside of the country. The other suspect reportedly is linked to a car-bombing network in the city, officials said.

In operations yesterday:

-- Iraqi
police killed a suspected Iranian-trained "special groups" criminal and wounded two others in Baghdad's Rusafa district after a drive-by shooting on the New Baghdad police station. Police officers returned fire, eventually causing the vehicle to flip. All three individuals were taken to the Kindi Hospital in Baghdad, officials said.

-- Iraqi special operations forces captured five alleged al-Qaida members in Khalis, just north of Baqouba. One of the suspects is believed to be a financier and intelligence manager for al-Qaida. The other four reportedly are believed to manufacture and emplace homemade bombs, officials said.

-- Coalition troops found two weapons caches in Baghdad after acting on tips from local citizens. The caches consisted of two anti-tank grenades, two rocket-propelled grenades, a mortar and a homemade bomb, officials said.

In operations Aug. 3, Iraqi security forces captured a suspected Iranian-trained special groups criminal in Baghdad's Rashid district. The suspect allegedly is responsible for numerous attacks against coalition and Iraqi force, officials said.

(Compiled from Multinational Force Iraq and Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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