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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Public Safety Technology in the News

Cubic Simulations Unveils Tactical Robot for Military, Law enforcement Use

Orlando Sentinel, (07/15/2008), Richard Burnett

Law enforcement agencies may be able to add COUGAR, short for Combined Operations Unmanned Ground Assessment Robot, as a tool in their technology arsenal. The primary market for the developer, Cubic Simulation Systems, is military training simulator technology, but they are using COUGAR to expand their offerings to the public safety community. The units are capable of providing public safety organizations with audio and video capabilities that allow for a range of up to 500 feet, plus it is equipped with anti-detonation charges to aid in disarming explosives. Also, to assist SWAT teams with entry, the units can deliver flash-bang grenades in an effort to keep officers safe. Cubic designed the units to be rugged and inexpensive for agencies to acquire.


Police Riding the Wave of technology From Squads

The Chetek Alert, (07/08/2008), Rachel Westberg

Participation with 11 other agencies in a consortium grant has provided the Chetek (Wisconsin) Police Department with the opportunity to purchase laptops and software to more efficiently process traffic citations and accident reports. The software packages Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) and Law enforcement Application Program (LEAP) will be installed in the units. The TraCS software will allow officers to process traffic citations and accident reports quickly, and the LEAPs package provides officers remote access to the department's desktop programs, such as report software or records management programs. These packages together allow Chetek Police to be more visible to their community.


Cross Match Introduces Single Platen Palm Scanner With Interactive LCD Display at National Sheriff's Association 2008 Conference

BusinessWire, (June 25, 2008)

Cross Match used the 2008 National Sheriff's Association Conference to introduce a new latent fingerprint tool to the Law enforcement community. The L SCAN 500P is a palm scanner to help agencies that are updating their booking process increase the chances of positive identification with latent prints. The units incorporate a user-friendly LCD that uses color, icons, and "smart buttons" to make scanning possible for the officers. It is hoped that this ease of use will increase safety by allowing the officer to maintain visual contact during the booking process. Recently, as a result of the Tribal Criminal History Records Improvement Program (T-CHRIP) grant program from the U.S. Department of Justice, these units were installed in various locations for the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Tribal Police.


Grant Will Help Frostburg Police Buy New Cruiser

Cumberland Times-News, (07/16/2008), Staff Reporter

The Frostburg (Maryland) City Police Department received $13,750 in Federal funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development program to purchase an eighth cruiser for the agency's fleet. Also, the department received $1,008 in State funding from the Governor's Office of Crime Control and Prevention to outfit the department's 15 officers with new body armor.


Enhanced Security

Cumberland Times-News, (07/29/2008), Jennifer Raley

Security in public schools in Allegany County, Maryland, will be enhanced using Federal grant money from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development program. A check in the amount of $49,830 was presented to the Allegany County Board of Education. The funds will be used to update the county's video surveillance capabilities and to provide every school with two-way radios to ensure communications in the event of an emergency. The radios will be able to communicate with the county's emergency operations center, the Police and sheriff's departments, first responders, the board of education's central office, and school bus drivers.


Flint Seeks Sponsors for Police Surveillance Cameras; Some Question Whether It's Private

The Flint Journal (07/03/2008), Bryn Mickle

In an effort to add additional video surveillance capabilities, the Flint Police Department is seeking individuals and business to sponsor camera boxes. In exchange for cash sponsorship, individuals or businesses can have their name placed on the camera box, along with the name and logo information for the city Police department. This option is being explored because the city currently has one camera and officials are impressed with its results and now want to expand their options. The upper amount for donations is $30,000, however, smaller amounts can be donated and the dollar amount determines the size of the logo or name on the box.


Video Sharing Site Offers Training Videos, Crime Footage for Police

Govtech.com, (07/28/2008), Jim McKay

The video sharing site offered by policeone.com provides officers with a single source to view Law enforcement or Police related videos that have an already narrowed focus for the specific audience. The site, known as "BLUtube," hosts training videos, dashboard footage, and TV footage regarding local crimes, product promos and reviews, as well as lighter videos posted by active site members. The site uses an officer's badge and agency phone number to obtain verification of an officer's identity and status in his or her department. Once issued user rights, officers can access BLUtube and policeone.com with the same information.


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