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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crime Mapping Research Conference

Editor's Note: Although the conference focuses on domestic law enforcement issues, it can have application to domestic law enforcement's homeland security and/or counter-terrorism mission.

Solving Problems With Geography and
August 19 – 22, 2009
New Orleans, La.
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Solutions to crime and public safety problems involve a combination of research, practice,
technology and policy. Law enforcement agencies now often use geography to help solve crime problems.

Advancements in geographic technologies are helping
law enforcement agencies understand crime more completely, deploy public safety resources more efficiently, and examine criminal justice policies critically. Geographic research leads to better practices and technological advances. Research provides a theoretical foundation; practice, through technology, puts theories into operation. Research and practical demonstrations help focus policy decisions.

The Crime Mapping Research Conference is about understanding crime and public safety and their effect on communities. The conference presents a range of research findings, practical applications,
technology demonstrations and results that can shape future policies.

Presentations and workshops for the 10th conference will highlight geographic principles in research, geographic applications in practice,
technology demonstrations, and solutions for crime and public safety problems.


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