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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forces in Iraq Detain Suspects, Seize Weapons

American Forces Press Service

Feb. 12, 2009 - Iraqi security forces arrested wanted criminals and, aided by U.S. soldiers, seized several weapons caches in Iraq on Feb. 9 and 10, military officials reported. Iraqi soldiers arrested three suspects with outstanding warrants during operations Feb. 10 in northwestern Baghdad's Mansour district. The suspects reportedly are linked to terrorist activities.

In other operations, U.S. and Iraqi forces seized multiple weapons caches and unexploded ordnance throughout southern Baghdad's Rashid district Feb. 9:

-- Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers discovered several hundred linked 7.62 mm machine gun rounds and a 60 mm mortar round in the Abu Tshir community. Iraqi police transported the munitions to an Iraqi security forces facility.

-- Led by a tip from an Iraqi civilian, Iraqi police and U.S. airmen seized five bags of ammunition in a canal in the Arab Jabour area.

-- Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers discovered a mine and a mortar round in the Masafee community. An Iraqi explosive ordnance disposal team safely removed the munitions.

-- Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers seized a 107 mm rocket in the Bayaa community. An Iraqi EOD unit safely removed the rocket.

-- Iraqi police and U.S. soldiers found 16 AK-47 assault rifles and four 60 mm mortar rounds in the Risalah community. The weapons were transported to an Iraqi security forces facility.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq news releases.)

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