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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Troops Kill, Capture Militants in Afghanistan

American Forces Press Service

Feb. 1, 2009 - Coalition forces killed two militants and detained nine suspects during operations in Afghanistan yesterday, military officials said. In Ghazni province, troops searched a compound near Daya Kheyl used by an individual known to channel mines, weapons and money in the area. The suspect also has alleged ties to the Haqqani terrorist network, according to military officials.

Upon arrival, coalition forces called out for inhabitants to exit the buildings in the compound. In one building, several persons barricaded themselves inside. Coalition forces proceeded with a forced entry and killed two militants.

Troops also detained three suspected militants in the raid. One non-combatant received a minor injury, military officials said.

In Khowst yesterday, coalition forces detained six suspected militants during operations targeting a leader of a Sabari-based bombing cell linked to the Haqqani terrorist network.

(From a U.S. Forces Afghanistan news release.)

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