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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Homeland Defense Journal Training

CARVER Methodology - Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment An Interactive Three-Day Workshop on Conducting Facility Vulnerability Assessments

August 3-5, 2009 Arlington, VA
December 7-9, 2009 Arlington, VA

Register Now: Only 15 seats are available for each workshop...

During the CARVER Methodology - Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment workshop, you will learn how to plan and conduct a vulnerability assessment using CARVER. The workshop reviews the basic elements of planning, executing, and reporting an RVA and countermeasure development. The Department of Defense uses CARVER as an offensive target analysis tool and it has become a very effective defensive tool for Critical Infrastructure Protection. The CARVER workshop includes a series of classroom lectures, practical exercises, and conducting an actual vulnerability assessment of a government or private sector facility.

This workshop, taught by a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment expert provides you with a proven methodology, the knowledge, and the training to conduct an assessment and secure your assets.

What You Will Learn:
How to plan, execute, and report a vulnerability assessment using CARVER
How to analyze the results of an assessment.
How to determine effective countermeasures.
Who Should Attend:

Federal, state and local security and operations managers
U.S. civil agencies, government building/facilities managers, and companies with critical infrastructure to be protected
Anyone involved in guard protection services, law enforcement, corrections, or other types of security providers and consultants
Any professional responsible for conducting and documenting security evaluations and audits

What Others Are Saying:
Gary displayed a tremendous level of experience and subject matter expertise; he executed well and demonstrated a unique ability to connect w/ the student.- Greg Pearson, COO, The Steele Foundation

Excellent class, SVA was simplified in a very understandable format. - Dan Schmidt, Global Manager of Training, Health, Safety, Securitas Security

Good job of bringing knowledge & experience to classroom & material being presented. - Joe Graf, Facilities Acquisition Programs Manager, Navy Strategic Systems Programs
About your Instructor:
Gary Williams, Program Director, Critical Infrastructure Protection, Information and Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. Gary Williams is a Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) Subject Matter Expert. Over the past decade, he has integrated and supported the development of a comprehensive set of Private Infrastructure, U.S. Government, Military “Risk and Vulnerability Assessment Best Practices” and methodologies. Mr. Williams has been instrumental in the execution of RVA’s for the North American Class 1 Freight Railroads, the Passenger Railroads, and Public Transportation. Retired from 22 years of service with U.S. Army Special Operations Forces, Mr. Williams has continued to protect the Critical Infrastructure of the United States through his work conducting Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, developing security plans, and analysis support to the rail and transit industries.

Registration Fee:
Government (Federal, State/Local): $1999* per person
Small Business: $2049* per person
Large Business: $2099* per person

Registration fee includes continental breakfast each day (Arlington location only), refreshments, and extensive course handouts. Handouts include a CD which contains spreadsheets and matrices allowing you to conduct a threat assessment and vulnerability assessment at your facility.

Homeland Defense Journal offers cost-effective onsite training, customized to meet your needs. For more information, please contact Elizabeth Miller at emiller@governmenthorizons.org.

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