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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

FBI Joint Operations Center for Super Bowl XLIV

February 3, 2010 - The nerve center for Super Bowl security is at the FBI’s Joint Operations Center (JOC). The FBI established the JOC to manage resources and coordinate an investigative response to threats, federal crimes, and critical incidents in support of overall event security.

The JOC houses more than 70 total agencies and their components involved with the security of the Super Bowl. Having all the agencies (federal, state, and local) in one room makes it easier to share information and intelligence in a seamless operation.

“The FBI has a team of intelligence analysts in the Joint Operations Center to process information 24/7 to make sure we have the latest intelligence on possible threats,” said John V. Gillies, special agent in charge of the FBI Miami Division. “I want to stress there is no indication that there are any specific threats to the Super Bowl at this time.”

Inside the JOC, there are dozens of computer work stations for each agency, three-dimensional models of the South Florida area, and four wall monitors. The monitors show:

• Surveillance camera views of the stadium

• Television news broadcasts

• Law Enforcement Online’s Virtual Command Center website that tracks security incidents and can be accessed remotely by any law enforcement member

• Other intelligence information

• The JOC has been operating since January 29, 2010 to provide security for the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. But the FBI and the Miami-Dade Police Department have been preparing for Super Bowl XLIV for more than a year. The FBI’s role is to protect and defend against terrorist threats. The Miami-Dade Police Department is leading the law enforcement effort.

The JOC will be duplicated in Dallas and Indianapolis, where the subsequent Super Bowls will be played. FBI agents from those two cities are already in Miami to observe and learn best practices to prepare for Super Bowl XLV and XLVI in their respective cities.

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