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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Afghan, Coalition Forces Kill, Detain Insurgents

Compiled from International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Releases

Aug. 17, 2010 - Afghan and coalition forces killed or detained numerous insurgents in various recent operations in Afghanistan, military officials reported.

-- An Afghan and coalition security force detained several suspected insurgents in Nangarhar province's Surkh Rod district last night while pursuing an insurgent bomb expert who specializes in dual-tone, multifrequency devices and is linked to at least two roadside bomb attacks.

-- An Afghan and coalition security force killed six insurgents and detained several more suspected insurgents in Kunduz province's Kunduz district yesterday while in pursuit of a former Taliban commander linked to the movement of foreign fighters and weapons. The commander coordinates logistical support and operations with the leadership of Pakistan's foreign fighter cell and formerly was in charge of the Taliban in the Gor Tappa region before stepping into an advisory role, officials said. As the security force approached the targeted compounds, a large explosion occurred. Soon after, insurgents began firing their weapons at the assault force from several locations. The combined ground force returned fire, killing six armed insurgents. Along with the automatic weapons, the assault force also found a rocket-propelled grenade round near the insurgents.

-- In Logar province's Charkh district yesterday, an Afghan and coalition security force killed Bilal, a highly active Taliban facilitator responsible for attacks against Afghan civilians and Afghan and coalition forces. He had direct ties to the Taliban network involved in the kidnapping and murders of two U.S. Navy sailors last month, officials said, though it's unknown whether Bilal played any role in the crimes. As the security force approached the targeted compound, Bilal, who was armed with an assault rifle, ran away and tried to hide next to two civilian farmers. When the security force caught up with him, he engaged the assault force. They returned fire, killing him. The farmers were not injured. After questioning all the residents on scene, the assault force detained a suspected insurgent. The security force protected women and children during the search.

-- An Afghan and coalition security force detained several suspected insurgents in Helmand province's Nawah-ye Barakzai district yesterday in their continued pursuit of a senior Taliban commander and member of the Nawa Military Commission who is responsible for decisions involving military operations and matters of governance within the district's Taliban-controlled areas. As the combined force approached the targeted compounds, suspected insurgents ran from one of the buildings. The security force chased them down and detained them peacefully. After questioning residents, the security force detained two additional suspected insurgents and found two bags of wet opium, Taliban propaganda tapes and a large knife. The assault force did not fire their weapons, and they protected women and children throughout the search.

-- In Paktia province's Gardez district yesterday, an Afghan and coalition security force detained two suspected insurgents, including a Haqqani terrorist network subcommander directly involved in bombing attacks and in procuring weapons and ammunition for fighters under his command. The assault force did not fire their weapons, and they protected women and children throughout the search.

In other news from Afghanistan, an Afghan child was killed Aug. 15 in Marja when caught in the crossfire in a battle between coalition forces and insurgents in Helmand province.

Insurgents engaged a coalition patrol with small-arms fire, and the patrol returned fire after positively identifying the insurgents. Following the engagement, the force inspected the area for casualties and damage, found none and continued with its mission.

Later, an Afghan civilian arrived at a nearby coalition base and stated that two children from his village were in the same area as the fighting. Only one child had returned home, and he asked coalition forces to assist in a search to locate the missing child. Coalition forces dispatched a patrol to search for the missing child, who had been in the area to water crops. The child was found dead of gunshot wounds.

Officials had two meetings with the family, elders and local villagers. The incident remains under investigation.

An Afghan government official and an Afghan police officer were killed by insurgents in a village bazaar in Farah province's Gulistan district yesterday. According to reports, two insurgents on a motorcycle shot and killed the government official in the bazaar. The police officer returned fire on the gunmen, but was killed by the insurgents.

Also, two insurgents presented themselves as civilian casualties to Afghan and coalition forces in Badghis province following an Aug. 15 engagement that resulted in more than 10 insurgent casualties. The two insurgents were taken into custody, and their wounds were treated by ISAF servicemembers. No civilians were injured in the engagement.

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