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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AFGHANISTAN: Guard Soldiers provide security for Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah visiting prison

By Navy Lt. Benjamin Addison
Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah

FARAH CITY, Afghanistan (4/25/12) – Guard Soldiers provided security for members of Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah meeting at the Farah City prison warden here Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Abdul Qayoum Azami, the prison warden, led advisers on a tour of the city prison. The visit is part of the Correctional Sector Support Program which provides mentoring and training to prison officials throughout Afghanistan.

U.S. Navy Lt. David Berlin participated in the tour as a medical adviser.

“My main purpose was to join the team that went to the prison primarily to evaluate any prison abuse, neglect, and any of the medical assets that were being utilized at the prison,” Berlin said.

Army National Guard 1st Lt. Brandon Bowden, platoon leader for the security force element of Provincial Reconstruction Team Farah, spoke to the importance of their piece of the trip..

“We were tasked with transportation to the prison, security on the ground, and transportation back to Forward Operating Base Farah,” said Bowden. “It was a great mission and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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