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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

188th's Brown receives Air Force Combat Action Medal

by Staff Sgt. Hannah Dickerson
188th Wing Public Affairs

9/23/2015 - EBBING AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Ark.  -- Master Sgt. William Brown of the 188th Logistics Readiness Squadron, was presented an Air Force Combat Action Medal by Col. Bobbi Doorenbos,188th Wing commander Sept. 19, during commander's call.

Brown received his AFCAM for his active participation in combat, having been under direct and hostile fire in connection with military operations.

During his deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, more than 10 years ago, Brown was assigned to the Army's 917th Corps Support Group, 1058th Gun Truck Detachment as a gun truck commander where he was responsible for essential communications between convoy commanders, gun truck crews and other gun trucks in Tikrit, Iraq.

On June 3, 2005, Brown's supply truck convoy was transporting mission critical supplies and Third Country Nationals from forward operating base Speihcher to Logistic Support Area Anaconda in Iraq via the main supply route Tampa. During this time, Brown's vehicle encountered enemy personnel in the passing lane who engaged the convoy with AK-47 automatic rifles that impacted Brown's truck cab leading up to the turret and narrowly missed the windows and all personnel inside the vehicle. The gunner was unable to return fire at the time due to the risk of collateral damages with the civilian population in the area.

After the attack ended Brown quickly assessed the situation, found no injuries in his team members and expeditiously radioed in his report detailing the enemy contact containing critical information for the quick reaction force team to locate the insurgent vehicle.

The 188th Wing expressed its appreciation for Brown's heroism and meritorious service in Iraq during the commander's call, where he received a standing ovation from the crowd.

"This is the first time in my career that I've had the privilege of giving out a combat action medal and I'm astounded by the heroes who walk among us," Doorenbos said. "Thank you for your service and heroism during that time. It's such an honor to be able to recognize those who are deserving of such awards and we are proud to have you as a member of this wing."

Brown was joined by his wife and family for the award presentation. He is one of a select few 188th Wing members to be presented the AFCAM since the start of the global war on terror in 2001.

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