Wednesday, January 04, 2012

ISAF Commander Condemns Suicide Attacks in Kandahar


WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2012 – The commander of the International Security Assistance Force condemned yesterday’s terrorist attacks that reportedly killed at least 12 people, including two children, and wounded dozens of others in Kandahar City, Afghanistan.

“Once again, insurgents have needlessly brought tragedy and sadness to the families of those killed and injured in Tuesday’s terrorist attacks,” Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen said today. “Our prayers and condolences are with the families and loved ones of those civilians and brave Afghan National Security Force members killed and injured in these brutal attacks.”

In operations in Afghanistan today:

-- A combined Afghan and coalition security force in Kandahar province’s Maiwand district captured a Taliban leader and detained two suspected insurgents. The leader coordinated attacks against coalition forces and moved explosives, heavy weaponry and rockets throughout the district.

-- A combined security force captured a Taliban leader and detained multiple suspected insurgents in Baghlan province’s Baghlan-e Jadid district. The leader directed a group of insurgent fighters to construct and place roadside bombs throughout the district. The force also confiscated numerous weapons and bomb-making material.

-- In Khost province’s Sabari district, a combined force detained two suspected insurgents while searching for a Haqqani network leader who procures weapons and coordinates attacks throughout the region.

In operations yesterday:

-- A combined force in Helmand province’s Musa Qal’ah district discovered and destroyed a homemade bomb-making facility that contained about 250 pounds of ammonium nitrate, 220 feet of detonation cord, 36 main charges, 21 pressure plates and 45 power sources.

-- A combined force in Kandahar province’s Panjwa‘i district found and destroyed 2,420 pounds of marijuana.

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