War on Terrorism

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Coalition Forces Detain 14 Terrorists in Iraq

BAGHDAD, June 27, 2006 – Coalition forces detained 14 terrorists yesterday during raids north of Yusifiyah, Iraq, U.S. military officials reported. Two of the captured terrorists are known leaders of the Tawhid Waal Jihad and Jaysh al-Islami terrorist insurgent groups operating in the Yusifiyah area, officials said. Both groups have consistently launched joint attacks against Iraqi and coalition security forces throughout the region.

The terrorists were captured without incident. Coalition forces are using intelligence gathered from the raids to destroy terrorist activity in the area and restore security and stability to Iraqi citizens, officials said. The other detainees are members of the two groups and have been known to plant makeshift bombs aimed at restricting the safe movement of local citizens and security forces in the area. The raids are indicative of Iraqi and coalition efforts to target all terrorist groups, military officials said. Several women and children were present at the raid sites. None were harmed and all were returned to their homes once the troops ensured the area was secure.

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