War on Terrorism

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Preparing for Terrorism

Idaho health districts prepare for terrorists

“Fire, police and HAZMAT crews tested their ability Monday to respond to an attack of bioterrorism, by learning to work together to contain potential acts of terrorism. The training is just part of a full-scale exercise designed to help emergency workers get medication and treatment to the public, if there ever was a big health emergency in Idaho. The seven health districts across the state simultaneously conducted these exercises. In Central District Health's scenario, dozens of people were affected, and emergency crews had to practice their ability to prevent the disaster from spreading. The group of about 120 emergency, military and health officials responded to a fake report of mysterious white powder at the old K-mart building in Mountain Home, with the hazardous material spread among about 40 shoppers inside.” (KTVB.com, 27Jun06, Adam Atchison)


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