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Monday, November 20, 2006

A citizen's perspective

Editor’s Note: Mr. Shivakumar comments are in response to one of the many articles on terrorism written in the newsletter – Hi Tech Criminal Justice. In many ways, he provides us with insights from someone who is living at ground-zero of a long struggle. Moreover, his ideas of citizen involvement in prevention of terror are likely key and integral to any long-term, viable solution.

I'm an Indian resident staying in Bangalore City and as a law abiding, peace-loving citizen of India I am truly concerned about alarming increase in terrorist activities across the world.

As you might be already aware of, India is bleeding from full-fledged terrorism (sponsored by Pakistan in North-West, Bangladesh in East and China in North) in last three decades we have lost millions of innocent lives throughout the nation.

Though China is not directly involved in terrorism activities in India, undoubtedly it is playing the very game played by Pakistan, through a left-extremist group called 'Naxalites' which has recently overpowered the King of Nepal. With the help of same group, China is exploiting the poverty ridden populace of Eastern part of India and recruiting gullible youth into their cadre groups, spread all over India. Here, I need not emphasize that, Indian Communists are playing secondary role in Chinese cause.

Now India has terror threats from three major groups:

Firstly, Islamic extremist/terrorist groups, supported by Pakistan since its creation and Bangladesh, in recent decades, supporting other extremist/terrorist groups in North-East, which have well entrenched deep inside our society, reaching the grass-root level.

Secondly, Naxalites, owing their allegiance to China who are gaining strength day-by-day and spreading their tentacles to all parts of India, including Bangalore, a growing cosmopolitan city. By the recent overpowering of King of Nepal, one can conclude that China has successfully bifurcated India vertically in a logical sense.

Thirdly, political-criminal-bureaucratic-police-judicial nexus which is equally contributing the above two groups, through various means.
Like India, the Western World and Israel is also bleeding from this scourge the past few decades.

I personally feel that, to counter terrorism all over the world, a mass movement should begin involving law-abiding, peace-loving, patriotic citizens belonging to all religions. 'Citizen Intelligence Wing' should be setup at every street level in the world whose services/real-time information should be utilized by law-enforcement agencies, para-military and armed forces and implemented without an iota of delay, based on genuineness of information.

K.N. Shivakumar

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