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Friday, November 24, 2006

Coalition, Iraqi Forces Kill, Detain Terrorists

Nov. 24, 2006 – In separate operations today, yesterday and Nov. 22 throughout Iraq, coalition forces and Iraqi security forces killed five terrorists and detained 21 suspected terrorists, military officials in Iraq reported. Coalition forces killed four terrorists and detained six suspected terrorists during a mission today to disrupt an al Qaeda car bomb cell in Tarmiyah.

As ground forces made their way toward the targeted building, they received enemy fire from the vicinity of a mosque. Coalition forces returned fire, killing four terrorists, and continued toward the targeted building.

At the targeted building, the ground forces detained two suspected
terrorists. After they left the building, they returned to the vicinity of the mosque and six individuals, including two wounded men, exited the building.

Four suspected terrorists were detained and the two wounded men were treated by ground forces on scene. They were then taken to a nearby military medical center.

Elsewhere, special Iraqi army forces, with coalition advisors, conducted a raid yesterday in Baghdad to capture an insurgent believed to have facilitated the movement of foreign fighters who kidnap and murder Iraqi civilians and attack coalition forces. Iraqi forces entered a mosque in the Samir neighborhood where the insurgent and other suspected insurgents were reportedly located. Iraqi forces detained six suspects. No coalition forces entered the mosque.

Iraqi and enemy forces exchanged small-arms fire, resulting in one enemy wounded. The wounded person was treated and placed into Iraqi
police custody.

An unknown ignition source caused a fire to start in a trash pile located next to the mosque, officials said.

In another operation, special Iraqi security forces, with coalition advisors, captured four insurgents yesterday in a raid in the al Doura district of Baghdad who are allegedly responsible for roadside-bomb attacks and other attacks against Iraqi civilians and Iraqi police. The insurgents are linked to al Qaeda in Iraq and are known to harbor terrorist fighters in the area and conduct attacks against Iraqi
police and coalition forces checkpoints, officials said. Three additional suspected insurgents were detained by Iraqi forces.

One insurgent was slightly wounded during the operation. He was treated by medical personnel at the scene and is expected to fully recover.

Separately, coalition forces killed a
terrorist and detained two suspected terrorists Nov. 22 during a raid in Balad. The raid targeted an individual associated with a suspected senior leader of the al Qaeda network.

As coalition forces approached the target area, they engaged and killed an armed
terrorist. Coalition forces continued their mission and detained two suspected terrorists armed with weapons and ammunition.

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