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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Troops Kill 14 Suspected Terrorists in Iraq, Capture 49 Others

American Forces Press Service

April 2, 2008 - Coalition and Iraqi forces killed 14 suspected
terrorists, detained 49 others, and seized dozens of weapons in Iraq over the past three days, military officials said. In Baghdad and Qayyarah today, coalition forces detained a dozen suspected terrorists during raids targeting al Qaeda in Iraq operations, including propaganda and suicide-bombing networks. In addition, troops captured two foreign fighter aides and an additional suspect in the operations.

In a separate operation in the Iraqi capital today, coalition forces captured two suspected
terrorists tied to a Baghdad car-bombing network. In other raids, troops nabbed two suspected terrorists east of Taji, two in Mosul and three others in Samarra.

"Al Qaeda in Iraq is an adaptive, barbaric enemy, but they will be allowed no safe haven," said
Army Maj. Winfield Danielson, a Multinational Force Iraq spokesman. "Iraqi and coalition forces will continue to disrupt their networks and capture or kill their members, improving security for all Iraqis."

During operations in Iraq yesterday:

-- A Hillah
special weapons and tactics unit advised by U.S. Special Forces soldiers detained 20 suspected vehicle smugglers in Basra. In addition, the Hillah unit recovered two illegal sedans, various guns and ammunition, and $262,000 in U.S. currency. The combined force also destroyed two boats used for smuggling goods in the oil-rich southern Iraq city.

-- Iraqi
security forces and U.S. Special Forces soldiers detained a suspected improvised-explosive-device-cell leader allegedly responsible for IED and indirect-fire attacks against Logistics Support Area Anaconda.

-- The Mosul Iraqi
special weapons and tactics unit and U.S. Special Forces soldiers in Mosul detained a suspected terrorist allegedly involved in kidnapping, torturing and murdering local Iraqi security force members.

-- Members of the "Sons of Iraq" citizens security group stopped a suicide bomber from detonating his explosive device in Kirkuk province. A
military official said their actions prevented "a possible tragedy" from occurring on Hawijah's Market Street.

-- Iraqi
army and coalition soldiers discovered 15 weapons caches in Diyala and Salah ad Din provinces, and an IED factory in Ninewah. The caches contained more than 60 mortar rounds, 14 107 mm rockets, small-arms munitions, and more than 60 pounds of bomb-making material. The IED factory contained more than 3,500 pounds of additional explosives.

Iraqi special operation forces, advised by their U.S. counterparts, killed 14 criminals March 31 during operations in Basra. The Iraqi-led mission aimed to capture the criminals in an abandoned school that lawbreakers were using to mount operations and store weapons and munitions,
military officials said.

Iraqi forces received small-arms fire throughout the operation. Both Iraqi and U.S. forces returned fire, while a coalition aircraft provided close-air support requested by ground forces. The combined forces killed 14 armed individuals and rescued six Iraqi
security force members who were being held at the compound.

Elsewhere in Iraq March 31, Iraqi national
police members detained three suspected insurgents in the New Baghdad district of the Iraqi capital. The suspects were attempting to smuggle weapons in their vehicle, military officials said. Multinational Division Baghdad soldiers from Company C, 2nd Battalion, 30th Infantry Regiment, reported Iraqi national police confiscated five rockets, two mortar rounds, two hand grenades, three blasting caps and a 9 mm pistol. The detainees are being held for further questioning.

(Compiled from Multinational Corps Iraq and Multinational Force Iraq news releases.)

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