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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Homeland Defense Journal Training Workshop

All-Hazards Regional Evacuation Plans
An Interactive Two-Day Workshop on Developing an All-Hazards Regional Evacuation Plan

February 24-25, 2009 Arlington, VA

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About this Workshop - For Government, Corporate & Government Support Contractors:

The workshop will walk participants through the regional planning process. Using proven planning methodologies, the workshop guides participants in creating sound strategies for a variety of catastrophes, both natural and man-made. This best-practice approach to planning provides emergency managers and key officials with detailed data and tools that promote effective decision-making during a catastrophic event. The objective of catastrophic event planning is to maximize the preservation of life, protect property and restore the infrastructure as rapidly as possible. Long-term recovery planning is also a very important component of regional planning, ensuring the economic viability of the region by minimizing business disruption and providing individuals with appropriate levels and types of relief without delay. Both days will feature interactive sessions. Beginning with the key elements of regional evacuation planning, we will focus on the methodology for developing an all-hazards regional evacuation plan. The workshop will feature different scenarios to the audience and walk through potential solutions to respond to these scenarios.

Who Should Attend
Local, state and federal Emergency Management Professionals
Individuals tasked with emergency or disaster operations for their organizations
National Guard planners

Attendees for this workshop will leave with:
Guidebook detailing the methodology on how to develop an all-hazards regional evacuation plan.
First Hour Checklist – detailing the roles and responsibilities of decision makers.
List of roles and responsibilities for evacuation planning stakeholders.

About Your Speaker
Mr. Jeff Hescock
State University of New York: Masters of Regional Planning
Westfield State College: B.S. in Geography and Regional Planning
Mr. Jeff Hescock is a Senior Consultant with Beck Disaster Recovery (BDR) and has extensive experience in evacuation and transportation planning for many regions throughout the country. As the former Government Preparedness Manager for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Hescock was responsible for the Traffic Management Manual for Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant. This plan addressed: information and planning, alert and notification, warning and communication, emergency public information, and evacuation and sheltering. Mr. Hescock participated in the federally-graded exercises testing the plan on an annual basis. Mr. Hescock was also involved in the revisions to the Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Traffic Management Plan.

Additional Information:
To obtain more information about your speaker, view daily agendas or to find out more about the location of this workshop please visit the workshop home page at: http://www.homelanddefensejournal.com/Courses/2009Courses/All-Hazards-Regional-Evacuation-Plans.html

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