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Friday, November 20, 2009

Afghan Troops Get Vehicle Egress Training

By Air Force Senior Airman Evelyn Chavez
Special to American Forces Press Service

Nov. 20, 2009 - Afghan National Army soldiers got their first Humvee egress assistance training at Forward Operating Base Thunder here Nov. 16. The training is a newly added supplement to recent training offered to Afghanistan's 203rd Corps soldiers that teaches students hand and arm signals, basic driving principles and road rules.

"This was good training for us," one Afghan soldier said. "The teachers taught us a lot of things during the three weeks, and if something happens we will know what to do."

The egress training covers the effects of vehicle rollovers and includes drills in reacting properly during a rollover or if an emergency egress is required.

Each student conducted numerous rollover drills, each with a slightly different scenario. The egress training not only familiarizes soldiers with procedures, but also reinforces the importance of seat positioning and wearing seatbelts, and demonstrates the feeling of disorientation that occurs during a rollover.

"This training is going to benefit the [Afghan army] by helping save lives in the event these soldiers encounter dangerous rollovers or dangerous vehicle turnovers as they do in field operations," said Army Lt. Col. Jack Parker, operations officer for the Combined Joint Task Force 82 tactical command post, which is partnered with the 203rd Corps.

(Air Force Senior Airman Evelyn Chavez serves with the Combined Joint Task Force 82 public affairs office.)

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