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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Soldiers Build Partnership With Iraqi Police

By Army 2nd Lt. Len Rothermich
Special to American Forces Press Service

Nov. 12, 2009 - Soldiers of the 57th Military Police Company have spent the past three months building a partnership with the Iraqi police in this Maysan province city to improve their ability to govern and secure the local populace. The MPs engage with key police leaders and visit the district headquarters weekly to collect information on the area, establish training dates and assess daily operations.

"Training the Iraqis isn't always easy, but I'm still proud to have the opportunity to pass on my experiences to the people over here," said Dan Escudero, an international police advisor from New York.

Beyond key-leader engagements, the 57th soldiers also have been training the Iraqi police in various law-enforcement skills, including unarmed self-defense, personnel and vehicle searches, and room and building clearing.

"It was good to see them embracing the opportunity to better themselves as police while we're still here," said Army Sgt. William Norris, a resident of Springfield, Mo.

"Even if they just pick up the little things, it can still one day save a life that they wouldn't have the knowledge to do otherwise," added P.J. Martinez, an international police advisor.

(Army 2nd Lt. Len Rothermich serves with the 57th Military Police Company.)

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